The role of imaging techniques in the diagnosis, staging and choice of therapeutic conduct in pregnancy associated breast cancer

Iulian Goidescu, Georgiana Nemeti, Gabriela Caracostea, Dan Tudor Eniu, Angelica Chiorean, Roxana Pintican, Gheorghe Cruciat, Daniel Muresan


Breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy is at increasing incidence due to the increased frequency of obesity, the postponement of the first pregnancy to later decades of life and the advances of diagnostic techniques. Clinical and imaging diagnosis is difficult during gestation due to adaptive changes of the maternal organism , the mammary glads in particular. Furthermore, the therapeutic approach is limited both by the possible side effects on the fetus and by the skepticism of the couple over these therapeutic regimens.

The present paper aims to review the main diagnostic steps to confirm pregnancy associated breast cancer, as well as the therapeutic possibilities during this period, related to the potential adverse effects concerning pregnancy


pregnancy associated breast cancer (PABC); chemotherapy; pregnancy; breast ultrasound; magnetic resonance imaging

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