Is the presence of echo-rich periportal cuffing in the liver indicator for abdominal inflammation in pediatric patients?

Nurdan Fidan, Esra Ummuhan Mermi Yetis, Muammer Murat, Cuneyt Yucesoy, Ebru Turgal, Mehmet Metin


Aims: Hyperechoic/echo-rich periportal cuffing (ErPC) is defined as an increase in echogenicity relative to the adjacent
liver parenchyma. Thickening in the periportal area may occur with proliferation of bile ducts, hemorrhage, oedema, fibrosis,
inflammatory changes or a combination of these. The aim of this study is to determine which intraabdominal inflammatory diseases are associated with the presence of ErPC in the pediatric population and to calculate the sensitivity and specificity of this finding.

Material and methods: In this prospective study 200 consecutive children who underwent abdominal ultrasonography (US) were included: group 1, the patient group (100 children with appendicitis, gastroenteritis, mesenteric lymphadenitis, intestinal infection, terminal ileitis and invagination as cause of intra-abdominal inflammation) and group 2, the control group (100 children).

Results: The ErPC was positive in 74 (74%) cases in the patient group and in 3 (3%) in the control group. According to final diagnoses, we found ErPC in most of patients with gastroenteritis (16/17), perforated appendicitis (10/11), mesenteric lymphadenitis (5/6) and acute appendicitis (27/37). The sensitivity of ErPC in indicating intra-abdominal inflammation was 0.80 and its specificity was 0.87. No significant correlation between ErPC and age, gender and CRP was found but a moderate and significant positive correlation between ErPC and WBC (p=0,010; r=0.255) was detected. Very good concordance between observers in terms of the presence of ErPC on abdominal US was found (concordance 97% and kappa 0.93).

Conclusions: We consider that the presence of ErPC in pediatric patients, when evaluated alongside clinical and laboratory findings, has a high sensitivity and specificity for inflammatory intra-abdominal pathology.


periportal cuffing; inflammation; acute abdomen; ultrasound; children

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