Is there a correlation between kidney shear wave velocity measured with VTQ and histological parameters in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis? A pilot study

Flaviu Bob, Iulia Grosu, Ioan Sporea, Simona Bota, Alina Popescu, Roxana Sirli, Ligia Petrica, Adalbert Schiller


Aim: To analyze the relationship between shear wave velocity in the kidney measured by point shear wave elastography using Virtual Touch Quantification (VTQ) (Siemens Acuson S2000) and histological parameters obtained from renal biopsies, in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis (CGN).

Material and methods: The study group included 20 patients (mean age 47.95±13.59 years) with different types of CGN, that had underwent renal biopsy and 57 normal controls (mean age 38.07±17.32 years). In all patients, five valid stiffness measurements were obtained in each kidney, with the patient in lateral decubitus. Regarding the histological results, we assessed the presence or absence of glomerulosclerosis, interstitial fibrosis, and arteriolo-hyalinosis.

Results: In patients with CGN we obtained the following mean values of VTQ values: right kidney: 2.12±0.81 m/s, left kidney 1.65±0.54 m/s, while in the normal controls significantly higher VTQ values were obtained: right kidney 2.69±0.72 m/s (p=0.004), left kidney 2.48±0.73 m/s (p<0.0001). In patients with CGN no statistically significant correlations between VTQ values and eGFR (r=0.37, p=0.12) or proteinuria (r=0.2, p=0.37) were found. We found significantly lower VTQ values in patients with interstitial fibrosis (1.46 vs. 1.99 m/s, p<0.05) and also in patients with arteriolo-hyalinosis (1.55 vs. 2.47 m/s, p<0.05).

Conclusion: Our pilot study shows that shear wave velocity values in patients with CGN are significantly lower compared to normal controls, and there is a tendency to decrease with the decrease of eGFR, with the presence of interstitial fibrosis and of arteriolo-hyalinosis.


Virtual Touch Quantification (VTQ); chronic glomerulonephritis; renal biopsies; ARFI

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