Prenatal diagnosis of the fetal common arterial trunk. A case series

Claudiu Marginean, Liliana Gozar, Cristina Oana Mărginean, Horațiu Suciu, Rodica Togănel, Iolanda Muntean, Maria Cezara Mureșan


Fetal common arterial trunk is an anomaly represented by a unique arterial trunk that arouses from the base of the heart, and gives birth to systemic branches, both pulmonary and coronary, frequently associated with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) and has a poor prognosis. We present a series of 17 cases diagnosed in our tertiary center with different types of fetal common arterial trunk, its associated disorders, the evolution of the pregnancies, and of the neonates. We concluded that our cases support the fact that a complete intrauterine evaluation of each case of the common arterial trunk is impossible. The postnatal prognosis of the cases from our center was fatal, similar to most reports of the literature.



common arterial trunk (CAT), intrauterine diagnosis, evaluation, prognostic

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