Medical Ultrasonography (formerly Revista Româna de Ultrasonografie from 1999 to 2008) is the official publication of the Romanian Society for Ultrasonography in Medicine and Biology (SRUMB), published in English, quarterly.

The journal aims to promote ultrasound diagnosis by publishing papers in a variety of categories, including Original papers, Review Articles, Pictorial Essays, Technical Innovations, Case Report, or Letters to the Editor (fundamental as well as methodological and educational papers).

The official title abbreviation is Med Ultrason.


Percutaneous ultrasound guided radiofrequency and microwave ablation in the treatment of hepatic metastases. A monocentric initial experience Sparchez, Z; Mocan, T; Al Hajjar, N; Bartos, A; Hagiu, C; Matei, D; Craciun, R; Mocan, LP; Sparchez, M; Leucuta, DC

Predictors of prognosis in children with portal venous gas detected by ultrasound Hosokawa, T; Yamada, Y; Tanami, Y; Sato, Y; Hosokawa, M; Oguma, E

EFSUMB Gastrointestinal Ultrasound (GIUS) Task Force Group: Celiac sprue and other rare gastrointestinal diseases ultrasound features Dietrich, CF; Hollerweger, A; Dirks, K; Higginson, A; Serra, C; Calabrese, E; Dong, Y; Hausken, T; Maconi, G; Mihmanli, I; Nurnberg, D; Nylund, K; Pallotta, N; Ripolles, T; Romanini, L; Saftoiu, A; Sporea, I; Wustner, M; Maaser, C; Gilja, OH

General advice in ultrasound based elastography of pediatric patients Dietrich, CF; Ferraioli, G; Sirli, R; Popescu, A; Sporea, I; Pienar, C; Kunze, C; Taut, H; Schrading, S; Bota, S; Schreiber-Dietrich, D; Fang, C; Dong, Y

The relevance of ultrasound examination of the foot and ankle in patients with rheumatoid arthritis - a review of the literature Serban, O; Badarinza, M; Fodor, D

Reasons for discordances between ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of the ankle, hindfoot and heel of the patients with rheumatoid arthritis Serban, O; Fodor, D; Papp, I; Micu, MC; Duma, DG; Csutak, C; Lenghel, M; Badarinza, M; Albu, A

EchoScopy in scanning abdominal diseases; a prospective single center study Barreiros, AP; Dong, Y; Ignee, A; Wastl, D; Dietrich, CF

Effects of static stretching duration on muscle stiffness and blood flow in the rectus femoris in adolescents Caliskan, E; Akkoc, O; Bayramoglu, Z; Gozubuyuk, OB; Kural, D; Azamat, S; Adaletli, I

The wide spectrum of ultrasound diagnosis of holoprosencephaly Ionescu, CA; Vladareanu, S; Tudorache, S; Ples, L; Herghelegiu, CG; Neacsu, A; Navolan, D; Dragan, I; Oprescu, DN

Preoperative difficult airway prediction using suprahyoid and infrahyoid ultrasonography derived measurements in anesthesiology Petrisor, C; Dirzu, D; Tranca, S; Hagau, N; Bodolea, C