Medical Ultrasonography, December 2009, Volume 11, Number 4

Medical Ultrasonography, December 2009

Volume 11, Number 4


Original papers

Continuing education

Contrast enhanced ultrasound evaluation of the kidney

Ioan Sporea, Roxana Sirli, Alina Popescu
Abstract/PDF, pg. 47-54

The place of ultrasonography in detecting fetal heart malformations

Georgiana Iordache, Florin Stamatian, Corina Matis, Gheorghe Cruciat
Abstract/PDF, pg. 55-59

Pictorial essay

Case reports

Transfontanelar ultrasound diagnosis of brain abscesses in two neonates

Ioana Alina Anca, Beata Acs, Eliza Cinteza, Irina Adriana Horhoianu, Monica Luminos, George Jugulete
Abstract/PDF, pg. 77-82

Tophaceous gout – clinical and imagistic aspect. Case report

Daniela Fodor, Andreea Blaga, Monica Iancu
Abstract/PDF, pg. 83-86

Beginner corner

Ultrasound examination of normal liver

Ioan Sporea, Alina Popescu
Abstract/PDF, pg. 87-90


Destructive arthropathy of the shoulder in a man

Daniela Fodor, Raluca Pais
Abstract/PDF, pg. 91-92

Book reviews

Atlas de ecoendoscopie liniară

Andrada Seiceanu
Abstract/PDF, pg. 95-96